About Us

Lavender and I have been business partners for about 3 years now. Working with my best friend makes everyday the best day.  I have to remind her often that the business is named after her so she needs to be on her best behavior at all times.

On a more "serious" note, my whole life I have looked at the world a bit differently. There's color, life and beauty in everything I see. Being creative has been one of my greatest outlets throughout my life, it's always been a way to express myself, calm my mind and feel whole. Beading itself is meditative to me.

I think I started my craft journey in middle school and now it's engrained in me. During the "Covid times", I had a marvelous sunny chain that broke (maybe it was Lavenders fault, who knows). I was inspired to recreate it which has lead me to all of these custom, out there, spunky chains.

So here we are today, launching  a website into the unknown. Creating whatever our hearts want- sunny chains, bracelets, bejeweled glasses and who knows what's next. But WE are very excited to see where this little adventure takes us.

Love you all to the moon,

Lavender (on the left, LOL) and Hailey